The Soul’s Code

James Hillman

The Soul’s Code © book cover courtesy

James Hillman’s seminal text Re-visioning Psychology is stirring, bold, and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. His work, however, is not always accessible to general audiences. The Soul’s Code provides an excellent doorway into Hillman’s writing.

The Soul’s Code is Hillman’s account of the daimon, the psychoid figure that acts as the vehicle for our individual destiny. This presence, which might be understood as rooted in soul, shapes our growth, working to ensure that we become what we must become — an outcome which varies from person to person.

Hillman spins tales of the daimon in the life of Josephine Baker, Ingmar Bergman, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others. This is a fascinating book, hard to put down, and will especially speak to readers who have a strong sense of calling.