Sneak Thief

Faith Harkey

Sneak Thief © book cover courtesy
Penguin Random House

Thanks to her sneak-thieving skills, Hush Cantrell can fend for herself. Which is a good thing, since her mom is definitely the last person she can count on.

Hush’s life is a little thorny, but when her new friend Desiree enters the picture, things start looking up. That is, until her luck runs out and Hush is finally caught “borrowing.” Now she has to turn over a new leaf: her only alternative to the dreaded “juvie” is a job at Miz Tromp’s nursery.

Among the seeds and weeds, Hush learns, for the first time, how to make good things grow. But soon she gets more than she bargained for — because life in tiny Sass, Georgia, has its own peculiar bloom. When Hush discovers she can see the troubles that other people can’t, she’s faced with pulling off the biggest sneak of all. Does she have what it takes to stare down her pain and claim her own magic? Or will she just make things worse for herself and everybody in town?