Genuine Sweet

Faith Harkey

Genuine Sweet © book cover courtesy

Genuine Sweet has gotten a surprise she can’t quite believe. After all, who could have guessed that this poor and hungry twelve-year-old from tiny Sass, Georgia, would ever have anything magical to share with the world? But everything changes when Genuine discovers that she’s a wish fetcher — born with the power to grant anyone’s wish …

Except her own.

It’s a peculiar predicament, considering how much Genuine could use a few wishes for herself. With the help of new friends, Genuine finds a way to give her family a boost — and then she takes her wish fetching global. She’s in the news, she’s the talk of the town, and life seems to be on the mend. But when she’s faced with unexpected trouble that no amount of wishing can fix, Genuine must puzzle out the difference between wishing for a better life and building one.