the imaginal

the imaginal field

Imaginal research explores the nature of imagination, examines the unconscious psyche, and conducts ethical research into historical and contemporary techniques of accessing the imaginal domain. the imaginal field

why it matters

Imaginal inquiry starts with a simple premise: what happens in the unconscious mind is at least as important as what occurs in our conventional consciousness. It is the origin of our art and literature, of our frightening impulses, and our loveliest aspirations. why it matters


Complex psychology views the autonomous complex as a key structure in the organization of psyche. Here, we explore the nature of the complex, the centrality of the archetype, and the implications of a complex-based orientation to mind. complex psychology


Active imagination is a method for working with inner imagery, and making the unconscious more accessible to the conscious mind. Discover more about this creative, highly personalizable technique for growth and discovery. active imagination