No Bad Parts

Richard Schwartz

No Bad Parts © book cover courtesy

Richard Schwartz, founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, offers this gentle introduction to parts of self (complexes, or subpersonalities). Included are sample dialogues with parts and exercises for readers, all presented in a very plural-positive style.

The author is not a Jungian, and in fact, did not learn of Jung’s concept of complexes until after he discovered parts in his own clinical work, but there is much kinship between the ideas of Jung and Schwartz. Richard Schwartz has, in a sense, created his own archetypal categories for subpersonalities, calling them Managers, Firefighters, and Exiles. His Self figure is roughly akin to Jung’s Self, in tandem with elements of the ego-complex.

IFS is in use across the globe, a testament both to its usefulness and the validity of the concept of the pluralistic psyche, in general.