The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

Brandon Sanderson

Legion © book cover courtesy Bookshop.org

Stephen Leeds, a maverick problem-solver for hire, does his work with the help of a community of autonomous subpersonalities that he calls aspects. With a protagonist who straddles the line between schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality), this trilogy of novellas asks fascinating questions about consciousness, dissociation, and the nature of reality.

Fans of science fiction will enjoy a near-present-day world where cameras photograph the past, and data is stored on human DNA. But Sanderson’s celebration of the powers of the imaginal, and his honest portrayal of the parts of ourselves — even the inconvenient ones — are perhaps the best reasons for spending a few hours with Sanderson and his hero, Leeds.

This volume contains the novellas Legion, Legion: Skin Deep, and Lies of the Beholder. For a detailed look at more ‘aspects’ of the book, see the Imaginalia article, The Imaginal World of Stephen Leeds.