All the Pieces


Sneak Thief  cover artwork John Hendrix

Sneak Thief  jacket design Maria T. Middleton

Sneak Thief  interior book design Jaclyn Whalen

Genuine Sweet  cover artwork Brandon Dorman

Genuine Sweet  book design Lisa Vega

Wish Biscuit recipe card design HMH Kids

Author portrait photography Ashley Daniell

Creative photography on website homepage Mila Bridger

Website direction and design
Photography (unless otherwise credited)
Drew Harkey

Website font: Mystery Quest Dave ‘Squid’ Cohen

Website font: Lato Lukasz Dziedzic

Website font: Architects Daughter Kimberly Geswein

Website font: Icons Fontello


Educator’s guide
Wish Biscuit recipe
Shirley Smith Duke


HTML, CSS and Javascript Drew Harkey

Code framework for Genuine’s notebook Pixelwars

Animated background images Jay Salvat

Responsive image loading Jason Lau

Tooltip hover and touch Osvaldas Valutis

Web hosting Hivelocity


Genuine’s theme song
Up and Go
Julio Kladniew


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