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Past Presentations

March 17–18, 2022
5th “Trauma and Nightmare”
International Interdisciplinary Conference

Scientific Committee:
Professor Wojciech Owczarski – University of Gdańsk, Poland
Professor Paulo Endo – University of São Paulo, Brazil

Steadfast Companions: Trauma & the Autonomous Complex

Jung’s concept of the autonomous complex dovetails powerfully with questions of trauma. Many, perhaps all, complexes are born from traumatic experiences and, when constellated, draw us instantly and insistently back to the felt-sense of our wounding. Jungian thought, blended with newer approaches like those of Internal Family Systems therapy, offers tools for encountering and working with autonomous complexes. This presentation will cover these foundational concepts and tools, as well as asking the deeper ethical question, What do we owe to our traumatized complexes?

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