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Celebrating the Complex-Driven Psyche

DJA 970  |  Self-Directed Studies  |  Unsubmitted

Often cast as the underdogs — or even the villains — of our inner world, complexes are a foundational part of the psyche. When we consider them through a more heroic lens, we discover just how much they have to offer.

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“The Very Mirror Image of Death”:
The Titanic and Connie Willis's Novel Passage

DJA 720  |  Jungian Psychology: The Individuation Journey

Connie Willis’s novel, Passage, deserves far more praise and critical attention than it has received. This paper, then, is an appreciative inquiry into the role archetype and symbol play in this soul-shaking novel about near death experiences and the great What’s Next.

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England O.:
A Case History of the BBC Miniseries Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

DJA 700  |  Introduction to Depth Psychology

Alternately playful and serious, this paper examines the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell miniseries through a depth-psychological lens. In particular, hints of the early history of the psychoanalytic movement play out in Clarke’s magical world, inviting readers to consider the striking commonalities between Strange and Carl Jung, Norrell and Sigmund Freud.

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