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Photography cc = creative commons

  Ashley Daniell  
author portrait

  Mila Bridger  
creative portrait

  Drew Harkey  
nature photos

  Philipp Roelli cc  
Bollingen enscription

  Nholly cc  
Pacifica library


  John Hendrix  
cover of Sneak Thief

  Brandon Dorman  
cover of Genuine Sweet

  Drew Harkey  
woods at night with glow from Genuine Sweet

KidLit Graphics cc = creative commons

  stars at night cc  

  baby chicken cc  

  newsprint cc  

  biscuit cc  

  paper cc  

KidLit Video cc = creative commons


  Julio Kladniew  
Genuine’s theme song — “Up and Go”


  circly things cc  

  polka dots cc  

  night sky cc  

  penguins cc  

  pigeons cc  

  denim cc  

  gears cc  

  diner cc  

KidLit Content

  Shirley Smith Duke  
wishbiscuit recipe


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  Palash Mondal  

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  Osvaldas Valutis  

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