Tiny Library Tour

Tiny libraries
are springing up

Faith loves to visit these
neighborhood libraries in the
towns she visits.

Sometimes she takes a book,
but always she leaves a book —
a copy of Sneak Thief or
Genuine Sweet, often signed.

Carterville, Illinois
pop. 5,843

Birmingham, Alabama
pop. 1,149,807

Naples, Florida
pop. 322,000

Poulan, Georgia
pop. 803

Alexander City, Alabama
pop. 14,595

Kolomoki Mounds State Park, Georgia
pop. 7

Gainesville, Florida
pop. 284,687

Goreville, Illinois
pop. 1,069

Sarasota, Florida
pop. 720,042

Marion, Illinois
pop. 17,826

Sylacauga, Alabama
pop. 12,264

Springfield, Illinois
pop. 211,752

Arlington, Georgia
pop. 1,380

Raymond, Illinois
pop. 964

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