Many Thanks

Liza Pulitzer Voges

Literary Agent, Eden Street

Michelle Frey

Executive Editor, Knopf Books for Young Readers
Sneak Thief

Anne Hoppe

Senior Executive Editor, Clarion Books
Genuine Sweet

Wish Fetchers

John Hendrix

Cover Illustrator Sneak Thief

Ashley Daniell

Author’s Photographer

Sydney Tillman

Publicity Assistant

Mila Bridger

Author’s Creative Portrait

Drew Harkey

Website and Multimedia Artist

Shirley Smith Duke

Educator’s Guide Writer
and Wish Biscuit Recipe


ILLIAD Leon County Public Library's Interlibrary Loan team

Midtown Reader Faith’s neighborhood bookstore

Rural Schools Collaborative
and Rural Communities Alliance
Valuing rural stories

Tori & Carol Rabun County Library

Mary Istachatta Library
(open Wednesdays 1–5pm)

Mrs. Bonnet Faith’s 4th-grade language arts teacher


Lois McMaster Bujold
Connie Willis
Jasper Fforde
Diana Wynne Jones
Sir Terry Pratchett
Joan Bauer