Faith Harkey finds her inspiration
on the back roads of America.
From small towns in the heartland
to footpaths deep in the mountains,
she is drawn to places that remind
us we are all together part
of something larger.

When she isn’t on the road
in search of Story,
she recharges her batteries
in Tallahassee, Florida.

On the Road Working on the
first draft of a
new manuscript
near Marianna,

Fancy Accomodations Even the
noblest of ideas
can seem absurd
in the beginning.

World Class Attractions Every town
has something
they can be
proud of!

Nature as Artist This ‘woodbird’
was discovered
on a trail near
Pike’s Peak

Scope for the Imagination A setting to
boggle the mind.
Camas Prairie
in Idaho.

Growth and Decay There is
magic in the
forgotten places.

Spooky Places Searching for
ghost stories
in the Georgia

Surprises Around Every Corner Marionville,
is very proud
of their white

Zero-Carbon Transportation I produce
zero emissions.
Well, some

Modern Conveniences !?

Tiny but mighty! The magic of
small town USA.

Among the Ancients Talk about
a different
point of view!

Field of Dreams We are
dependent on
the growing
of things.

Taking to the Skies Actually,
it’s a fact
that humans
are meant
to fly.

Sentinels of the Plains This ancient
prairie doorway
leads to whole
worlds of

Fan Gush in Mississippi Holding a
manuscript page
typed by Madeleine
L’Engle herself.

Book Capital of the Planet The Great
Panjandrum’s office
is right upstairs!

Artifacts of Story From the world
of Mary Poppins,
P.L. Travers’
actual umbrella.

Faith believes in
the power of fiction to
ennoble, enlighten and entertain.

Nothing thrills her so much as
the moment when a new character
shouts out, “Tell them MY story!”